The Story of the candy cane

Ever wonder why we have the candy cane?, why it only comes out during christmas? and why it is colored the way it is?. I stumbled upon this tale when I went to church this December 24, 2008 and I just wanted to share the tale to all of you.

It was one evening in a small community, it was pouring heavy rains that evening so all of the people where in their own homes staring outside during the pouring of the rain, when one man who rode in a hose, entered their community and stopped in front of an old shop. The man, stood in front of the old shop and then said “This will do”, upon saying that the man went in the old shop, some of the people wonder why did that man entered that old shop and who he was.

The early next day, they all heard strange noises coming out of the old shop, where the man came in but none of them dare talk to the man, nor come near the shop. Some of them speculate on what the man was doing in the shop, one of them thinks that he is going to open up a barbershop, the other one thought that he was a dress maker and he will make great clothes for them and the last one thought that he was going to open up a hardware store so that they can get new equipments for their farming, but none of them dare to come near the shop.

They were all thinking and speculating of things, until a small girl named lucy can’t stand it anymore, she went into the store and she greeted the man “Hi, I’m Lucy do you need help?” and the man said “Yes, I do need help” and questioned lucy “Are you hard working?, can you handle carrying heavy things?” and lucy replied “Yes, I’m hardworking and can handle anything”, with these said the man smiled and lucy hanged her coat in the coat hanger and she then proceed to unpack the box near to her.

To her surprise, lucy found jars of different kinds some round, some with lids and some without lids, some odd looking jars and some tall jars but all of them have something in common they are all clear jars, lucy began to wonder and she asked the man “Your selling jars?” and the man answered “No I’m not selling jars, but you will know what we will sell when I open up this crate”, he was referring to the crate that he is currently opening with a crowbar, the crate was huge even bigger than the other crates that were in the shop.

When the crate opened, it was full of different kinds of candies, candies that are round in shape, sweet in taste, sour in taste and the likes, some foreign made and some locally made, lucy was suprised to see so much candies for she not see this much in her entire life, they immediately place the candies in the clear jars, the store was filled with colors from the candies that are in display and lucy said “I know what your shop is, it’s a candy store” and she have said it with excitement and the man replied “Yes, its a candy store, it’s Henry’s candy store and I’m Henry Hoffman”, henry smiled at lucy.

But, when lucy was cleaning up she noticed an odd shaped candy inside the crate and she begin to ask “Is this candy?, where will we put this? and why is it shaped like this?” the candy she was pertaining to was a cane shaped candy, colored in white with red and green strips which goes around it, Henry, told her “Yes it is a candy, we will put it here in this tall jar having a round mouth, that is called a candy cane do you want to know why it is shaped that way?” lucy replied “Yes I would like to know”, Henry then took one of the candy canes and held it in his hand, he turn it upside down and ask lucy “What letter does it make?” lucy replied “The letter J”, Henry then asks “Do you know what the letter J stands for?” lucy took a moment to think and she think hard and said “I have no idea can you please tell me”.

Henry then replied “Alright then, the letter J stands for Jesus” and then henry ask lucy “do you have any idea why it is colored white?” lucy immediately answered “I have no idea but I would like to know”, henry then answered “This candy is colored white because it symbolizes the purity of jesus” lucy then asks “What does the red and green strips symbolize then?” henry then answers “The red symbolizes the blood of jesus and the green symbolizes a new beginning”, lucy if left with confusion in her face. Noticing this henry immediately told lucy “You see lucy, on christmas eve Jesus was born and when he became older some bad men did something to Jesus, they hurt him, hunt him even, he gave his life for us to save us from our sins, that’s why he died in the cross, his blood was spilled so that we will be saved that’s how much he love us all and he rose again from the grave to give his instructions to his disciples before going to heaven”.

Lucy’s face brighten up and said “Is this a secret about the candy? would I keep it to my own and don’t tell anyone?”, Henry immediately replied “No, we should spread the story, in fact that’s what we will do today”, and so they went to every house in the community leaving invitations for the opening of the new candy store with two candy canes. The people in the community was so intrigue by the odd looking candies, that’s why they all show up in the grand opening of the candy store and all of them knew the story and they passed it on.

The candy cane can also make a shape of a sheperd cane, the first people to see Jesus Christ as a baby where sheperd’s in fact the Lord himself instructed angels to go to the sheperds and tell them that he is coming why is that? ever wonder why? well, it is simply because it is for everyone to know, the Lord does not see us for our stature in life, he looks into our hearts and he loves us all so much.


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